Williams Rosa T

Project Management - New Delhi Random Exports 2013 - 296

Project management is a combination of techniques, procedures, people, and systems focused on the successful compilation of a project it is also discipline that will support the planning, implementation, tracking, and control of projects. A group of related projects are called a program. they may have mutual dependencies that may be complex. the key to their success is that they be managed in a coordinated manner. projects are rife with politics. understandably so as everyone is jockeying to achiever the goals they deem the most important. managing these politics is an essential task for the project manager and team members. it also falls to the project management to help others invigilate the political waters. key to managing the politics is keeping people informed.
The bigger the project, the more time it will take to communicate with interested parties. A project will consist of a set of priorities. These priorities can be classified in to what must be achieved, what should be achieved if possible, and what would follow from the previous choices. what's not so obvious sometime is that the priorities of various stakeholders will vary and they will vary over time . it is the project manager's job to manage the inevitable conflict that arises from this situation. the objective of this step is to define and agree on results that the customer expects. there are projects success criteria and personal success criteria and personal success criteria to consider. It is best to use various methods to understand what is really being asked for. this means using words, pictures, graphics, and on a one on one discussions. graphs, mock ups, and [prototypes will also help. consider using brainstorming sessions to get the ball rolling. formal methods and documentation hep this process, but it's important to aim for clarity and not just length. this step is also the start of the requirements capture process Ideally, the project teams is involved as much as possible as it will help build their understanding.


Finance (Project Management)