Richard Pettinger

Competitive Strategy for Dummies - New Jersey John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 2009 - 372

Understand the fundamental forces of competition and gain a competitive edge :- Whether you're studying the subject, an experienced manager in need of a knowledge top-up or want to make your business competitive, this book offers an accessible guide to the ideas, theories and principles of competitive strategy, inside you'll find expert advice and practical real life examples to help you assess the competitive environment, establish a competitive position and develop you strategy, enabling you to move quickly to spot and make the most of business opportunities and stay one step ahead.
* Understand the foundation and framework of competitive strategy - get to grip with the basics, understand the competitive environment and give yourself the best possible chance of become and remaining competitive.
* Get competitive - understand how the forces of competition work in practice, how markets, customers and clients behave, assess finances and investments and learn how to spot the best opportunities and set your self up to compete effectively.
* Develop a competitive strategy - Develop an appropriate organisational structure, assess and manage risk effectively, allocate resource and monitor, review and evaluate your strategy to remain competitive.
* Plan for the future of your business - be aware of all the things you need to be as successful strategic business leader in today's competitive world and take advantage of outsourcing, project work, new markets and globalization opportunities to build and maintain success.


Management (Strategy Management)