Bhole L M & Mahakud Jitendra

Financial Institutions and Markets - Sixth - Chennai McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2018 - 24.23

This new edition continues to offer the readers, a complete understanding of the functioning of the whole set of banking and non-banking institutions as well as all the markets for short-term and long-term financial instruments and financial services. It discusses in detail, the major issues in financial system in India, concept of financial inclusion, New Pension System in India, principles of insurance, auction process of treasury bills, FDI in retail sector in India and so on. It also offers a detailed discussion on derivatives, derivative instruments in the global economy, market design for derivatives, major policy developments and data on the development of derivatives market in India as well as across the globe. It places significant emphasis on recent financial reforms as updates reflecting the most current financial developments, changes, and trends in the financial industry, especially in India.


Finance (Financial Markets)